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Looking for an Artist in Residence? Want to share your skills across CAGS? Explore KT Connect to build connections 

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Make your Grant Proposal stand out and increase your chance of funding with our Grant Proposal tips and tricks

Check out the collaboration with our Cancer CAG, and artist-in-residence Kate Disher-Quill, for World Cancer Day!


Did you know that it was World Cancer Day recently?

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Tube-Feeding Success: What does it look like?


Although many children in Australia are tube-fed because of feeding difficulties, little is known about tube-feeding success. Join this FREE webinar to learn about tube-feeding and what successful tube-feeding looks like. Panellists, including clinicians and people with lived experience, will share their expertise and experiences as well as their top tips for tube-feeding success. Q&A to follow.

To secure your place, click the link to register via Eventbrite!

Crafting Care Workshops


We're looking for carers of loved ones with dementia to participate in a series of 'craftivist' workshops. As 'craftivists', we will use low tech processes like stitching, and easy to access materials like fabric and thread, to share important messages about your experience as a carer. Sewing or drawing experience is not necessary for the workshops, and you will be guided through the various steps and processes by Michele Elliot, an experienced artist and facilitator. 

Click the link for more information and to register your spot!


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