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In The Know

Bridging the knowledge-to-practice gap in healthcare

We are the Knowledge Translation Strategic Platform of Maridulu Budyari Gumal, the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE)

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Organised and hosted by the SPHERE Knowledge Translation (KT) Strategic Platform, ‘Nourishing Health’ was part of the 2023 VIVID Ideas’ Human Nature Series, aimed at challenging people to explore the ‘new normal’ across relationships, body politics, and more. This event involved experts from the SPHERE Age and Ageing Clinical Academic Group and the UTS Disability Research Network, including lived experience advisors, alongside Maggie Beer AO.


Moderated by Professor Katherine Boydell, director of the SPHERE KT Strategic Platform, alongside Associate Professor Ann Dadich and Dr Barbara Doran, ‘Nourishing Health’ was a vital discussion about how a good meal and good company can positively impact our physical and mental health, supporting healthy ageing. By sharing their knowledge of food, memory, and the ageing process - including the impact of swallowing difficulties on food consumption - VIVID attendees reflected on the quality of life for current and future generations of older adults.

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