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Led by practitioner and academic Helen Vatsikopoulos, our 2022 VIVID Ideas panel 'Artists to the Rescue' explored the many ways art can be used to communicate complex community and social issues. During our engaging panel discussion, we examined what happens when we apply a creative lens to challenges such as boosting the well-being of children from refugee backgrounds, creating healthy urban environments, improving palliative care, mental health and addiction.


Did you miss the event? No stress! Here is Professor Katherine Boydell talking about the research-to-practice gap, and the myriad of ways our artist-in-residence group work alongside our SPHERE CAGs and consumers.

Are you interested in hearing about the Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties Project? Meet artist-in-residence Kate Disher-Quill and hear about her time working alongside our academic partners, and the families in our SuCCEED project, to produce a series of thought-provoking photographs. To access the video, please see below.

Maybe you're interested in hearing from our Carer Craftivists about the Stitch it for Dementia project? Listen to our incredible panelists speak about their artworks, and the inspiration which came from supporting a loved one with dementia. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming 'Crafting Care' workshop, or would like more information, please contact

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