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Welcome to the Grant Proposal Advice Page
Grant applications can be difficult and with decreased funding, there is more demand for implementable and impactful research. KT is resulting in an increase in grant success and therefore instrumental in your own grant application success. On this page there are numerous tools and information pages which will help to aid you in including KT in your grant proposal and having a greater chance of securing a grant. 


Explore these KT Blogs with writing tips and motivational ideas to implement KT


How-to's and instructions for writing grants that have KT implemented into them


Explore Literature Reviews on successful grants and other evidence based grant tips


These helpful videos explore grant writing and KT Implementation 


More helpful and handy tips, tricks and even qualifications for grant writing


How do you motivate change and inspire policy makers?

This Psychology of Change Framework will help you to better understand how to activate peoples agency and call them to action

5 things to avoid when writing the KT section of your grant

Things to consider when writing you application as well as what not to do!

Knowledge Translation Planning Guides and Templates

Here is a number of publicly available knowledge translation (KT) planning guides and templates to help you organize your thoughts and activities.

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Research Impact Academy Cheat Sheet

Designed to get your creative juices flowing and lead your thought processes as you plan for impactful research outcomes. 

When and how to integrate KT in your grant application

All inclusive guide on End of grant KT or integrated KT to include in your grant application. 

Your ultimate Guide to Guides 

Explore guides on how to create impactful infographics, undergo KT planning, navigate social media and improve stakeholder engagement. 

The Knowledge Translation Toolkit 

This kit contains a range of frameworks and mapping techniques to explore your research and present it in an effective and thought out manner that integrated KT.

Government links

The NHMC has outlined numerous guides and frameworks regarding the Consumer and Community. Considering impact of ResearchExpectations and ValueMeasuring AlignmentMeasuring Effectiveness

Implementation in action

 A guide to implementing evidence-informed programs and practices. 

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Promising practice in KT for Research users - A Literature Review

Need insight into what Policymakers and program planners look for in KT? This document explores that and more so that you can include what policy makers are looking for. Try looking at page 23.

Knowledge translation strategies for dissemination: an overview of systematic reviews

Determine the most effective strategies for dissemination to healthcare recipients, barrier determination and potential facilitators of this knowledge to include in your grant application.

Looking to implement and commercialize?

Understanding the advantages of implementation approach to help researchers commercialise their research.

Looking for information on how to argue the scalability of your research?

Here is an insight into essential items for reporting of scaling studies of health interventions (SUCCEED) which can help sell your research as being able to be more widely implementable, and therefore 

Policies for boosting impact of public research

Being able to converse in the language of KT and policy can help with outlining design options, budgets, implementation challenges, international scope, evaluation practices and more.

This tool is designed to assist practitioners, policy makers, program managers and researchers to determine the scalability of a discrete health program or intervention.

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Webisodes: EPPI-Centre Evidence Tools, Products, and Projects

This webinar series has a particular focus on the development of systematic reviews and studies the use of research evidence

KT Connects KT Webinar Series

Hear KT scientists, stakeholders and practitioners discuss the basics of KT, how KT relates to patients and the public, and KT in health policy-making and clinical practice.


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KT Casebook

A Case Book to help you learn from other grantees, form connections, expand awareness and browse examples of KT.

Looking for a KT Qualification to flaunt in your grant application?

The Implementation Science Program allows you to get qualified through a range of course options to suit your availability and preferences. 

Written by alumni of their Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (KTPC), from a variety of sectors (consulting, non-profit, academia, education, healthcare) and a variety of organisation types (research, funders, hospitals, public sector).

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