Create Your Own CAG Mascot

Come together as a CAG and create a shared mascot to represent your CAG. Share your creation with fellow CAGs and view theirs!

The What

This activity requires you to come together as a CAG to create a team mascot that would represent your CAG using this website. This representation is to show to the other CAGs your values, interests and what your work is all about. It will be presented on a shared platform for the other CAGs to see.

THE how

  • Individually determined by each CAG how to create your mascot

  • Ideally all members contribute (by drawing or idea suggestion)

  • Poll of the different features of the caricature 

  • Zoom meeting to discuss

  • Smaller breakout groups within the CAG that then come together to discuss each groups contributions

  • Shared online walls such as Jamboard


When making your mascot, consider:

  • Your CAGs mission/purpose?

  • How do you work together?

  • How do you view your CAG?

  • How do you want to work as a team?

  • How might others view your CAG?

  • If your mascot could speak, what would it say?


Keep an eye out on the news tab for submission deadlines. Once you are all done, submission are to be email to _____@_